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2003 News: More Pictures
Friday, May 24, 2024
More Pictures 08-30-03
Memories of the greatest BUCS!!!
Sorry for the delay in getting more pictures ready for you.
First of all, I will admit that I had some family events to attend in Memphis just after the reunion, and then I tore my hamstring muscle and could barely walk for several weeks...
OK-- enough of the excuses... I have received a number of wonderful reunion pictures that I want to get on the website for each of you to see...
I just don't have them in the format I need to get them on the site for you.
All the classmates that took some pictures are working with me to try to make this happen.
As odd as it may sound, with all the technilogical improvements in the past 5 years... I just don't have the scanning/processing capabilities that I had 5 years ago.
Several classmates have sent me wonderful pictures of each of you at the reunion.
I just have some "mechanical" problems getting them from "picture" to "computer"...
but know that we are working on it and will figure out how to get all the pictures and/or negatives into a form that can be put on the Mainland68 web site for all of you to see and enjoy...
because-- understand... many of you fellow BUCS were "caught" on film showing just how great and wonderful each of you are...
Keep checking...

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