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1998 Class Reunion Site
Saturday, April 13, 2024
This is the home page from the 1998 30th Class Reunion. The links on this page may no longer work.


Mainland Senior High School
Daytona Beach, Florida

Class of 1968
Back Together Again!


Home Page

30 Year Reunion!
November 27th & 28th, 1998

Check This One a DONE DEAL!

We're Glad YOU Were There!

Here's The Latest....

Check in this section every week for changes and announcements.


Updated January 21, 1999

The video is finished and will be mailed out in the next day or so!! It is really great! For those of you that ordered one, let me know what you think and I'll post your comments.

1/9 Ray Argabright and I spent about over an hour on the phone the other night. He is going to help me spruce up the site and add some new features. He designs web sites for a living. I am sending him the pictures (he lives in Texas), and he is going to scan them so we can get them on the site sooner. Check out his web site at:


He has set up a mailing list with all of you on it, so I will e-mail you as we get new things on the site.

Did ya'll receive the e-mail from Ray?? And did you check out the satellite photo of Mainland?? Is that scary or what! I ask Ray if he knows where I was last Tuesday around 12noon. I'm in trouble if he does!!

This may be the start of some exciting new stuff on the web site! Keep watching!

Happy New Year to each of you!!
I hope you all have a really great 1999.
May all your wishes and dreams come true or at the very least...

Some New Year's Resolutions--

Lose Weight--
(If it taste good, spit it out!)

Quit smoking--
(Whatever it is you're smoking!)

Make more money--
(That would be the green stuff!)

Save more money--
(This is usually the hard part!)

Drink less alcohol--
(Especially while driving!)

Drink more water--
(Feel like a sponge!?)

Exercise more--
(Who can still do those splits??)

Have more fun--
(Come to the next reunion!)

Keep in touch with classmates--
(E-mail, e-mail, e-mail!)

Have less sex--
(Did anyone put this one down??)

Have more sex--
(Where's the Viagra??)

Do more charity work--
Be a better person--
(Now we're getting serious!)

Time to stop!

Send a New Year wish to
a classmate!!
Stay connected...

We've had over 400 hits since the reunion!

A Few Reviews!!

"WOW-Great Party!! Now rest up cause the 35th is coming and we all want to be there to do it again!"
Clint Asbury

"We enjoyed seeing everyone and the Couples Dance was fun!"
Linda deGrom Meeks

"It was a great party and I really enjoyed the Couples Dance!"
John Scott

"I had an absolutely wonderful time! Can we still PARTY or what?!"
Kathy Gilmore Fuori

"I had a great time and we saw people we had missed at previous reunions."
Gary Grunder

"I got to know a few people I did not know before."
Dennis Cole

"I had a great time and I think everyone else did also!"
Terry Jean Vick

"The mugs were wonderful!"
Susan Law Bostwick

"The 30th reunion was an exciting event for me. I had a great time!"
Merle Harton

"I had a great time at the party!"
The Dedicated Mary Ellen Rider

"Great time, I'm looking forward to the next one!"
Mr. Hair-- Marvin Brugone

"I just really had a lot of FUN!"
Sexy Albert Vilanova

"It was the most fun I've ever had!"
Bill Gallup

"I had a wonderful time. I am looking forward to the next one!"
Ted Courson

"Enjoyed the Party!"
Ken Richardson

"I had such a good time. What a great class we have, Mainland '68 is still the best!"
Most Changed Esther Watson Long

"One of the best we've seen!"
The bartender, the caterer, and the DJ

If you would like your words posted here...
Send me an e-mail-- Thanks, Judy

Bev, Tommy, John and I want to thank each and every one of you for your enthusiastic participation. It would not have been the same if any one of you had not been there to make it an event to remember.

If any of you have any comments/reviews about "The Reunion", e-mail me and I'll add them to the web site.

I'll try to get some pictures on the web site within the next few weeks, so keep watching!

11/29-- It's a much more respectable hour of the day now. I'm still trying to recover--Maybe it's a good thing we only do these every 5-10 years!

I don't have a final count, but we probably had around 120 people at the reunion. The DJ was good, the food was excellent, the spirits were free flowing, and the video guy was omnipresent, so we should have some good footage to show at the next one! Everyone seemed to enjoy the videos running of the last two reunions. It was interesting to note that none of us are showing any signs of our age!

We were so pleased that Mr. Moritz and Mr. Carlson were able to join us and represent the faculty that helped shape our lives.

Everyone seemed to have a good time
finding their "Soul Mate"
for the Famous Couples Dance:

Linda deGrom Meeks was a beauty in the Briar Patch as Daisy Mae!---
Her husband Paul was doing a cool moon walk as Michael Jackson!---

Gary Grunder as Fred Flintstone hollered out: "YABBA DABBA DOOO" and Esther Watson Long came running over as Wilma!--

Bill Gallup as Prince Ranier is making plans for our next reunion to be in Monico!--

Chris Drake as George Bush said to Charlene Burnsed Irland as Barbara, "Read my lips: Meet me back here in 5 years!"--

Ted Courson and his wife Roxie were a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll as Donnie and Marie--

Marvin Brugone was dancing with someone his own age as Woody Allen--

Dennis Cole as Dagwood and Bev Hall Mitchell as Blondie added a new dimension to the Sunday cartoon--

Clint Asbury made a powerful Henry the VIII--

Danny Biechler was Sonny in need of a pair of bellbottoms--

Judy Durrance Schnebly was in demand as Monica--

Kathy Jackson Streichert was a graceful Ginger Rogers--

Brenda Keil McLaughlin was our Queen of the Magic Kingdom as Minnie--

John Scott made a Top Gun Tom Cruise--

Barbara Hawley Mock was a cute Betty Rubble to Merle Harton as Barney--

Linda Hawley Johnston was a curious Jackie Kennedy wondering if the whole thing could be a conspiracy--

Butch Johnston was Romeo knowing his real Juliet was playing Jackie--

Kathy Gilmore Fuori was lonely as Ethel.... Fred, are you out there?--

More about the Rich and Famous soon...

Coveted Awards

Sexy Gal -- Vicki Etheridge Seymour
(One of the "Sequin Ladies!")

Sexy Guy -- Albert Vilanova
(Quite the dancer!)

Most Recent Honeymoon -- Wayne Smith
(Has a beautiful wife!)

Dedication Award -- Mary Ellen Rider
(Traveled 1800 miles!)

Tim LeCrone - 2nd place
(Traveled 1600 miles!)

Changed the Most(Gal) -- Esther Watson Long
(We should all look so good!)

Changed the Most(Guy) -- Jeff Waymire
(Aging like the finest bottle of wine!)

Changed the Least(Gal) -- Connie Becks Schnebly
(John could get arrested for hanging around with a minor!)

Changed the Least(Guy) -- Tom Renick
(How do you spell Baywatch Dude--Hassellhoff??)

Most Unique Occupation -- Chris Drake
(What was that again!)

Sexiest Bald Guy -- Tim Langford
(Kept all the ladies happy... on the dance floor!)

Most Hair -- Marvin Brugone
(It's real, he passed Tommy's "Pull" test!)

Lookin' Good! -- Michael Harbour
(Still has her schoolgirl figure!)

Most Grandchildren -- Deborah Thomas Stack
(She produced the most fertile children!)

Youngest Child -- Wayne Smith
(Didn't we see his name before.... hmmm!)

Hoola Hoop -- Steve Williams
(Hips of Elvis the King!)

11/29--It's 2:00am and The Party's over for another 5-10 years. I believe a good time was had by all. I even had some spouses and guests that told me they had a good time.

The gals were dressed up very special and the guys were lookin' good! I think we're all going to have to get some sequins for the next event!

It was quite a challenge picking the classmates to get the Coveted Awards, but our class did a wonderful job. Now, if I weren't still full of Chardonnay, I would be happy to share the winners with you. I'll pick up here later today and try to come up with all the winners!

11/28--It's 1:00am and I just got home from the wonderful party at Tommy and JoLynn's home. As usual they threw a wonderful party! The evening was the perfect start to our reunion weekend. It was so good to see everyone...

Connie Becks Schnebly looks like she just stepped out of the halls of yesterday. Albert Vilanova is dancing up a storm. Linda Maybeck Waymire is still a pleasure to know. The Hawley twins still look like twins. Tom Renick is our official Baywatch Dude. Tim Langford is having way too much fun. Tim LeCrone probably traveled the farthest to get to see a few of his nearest and dearest friends. Esther Watson Long can party with the best of them. John Scott is still smart and left early to rest up for the big event. And Clint Asbury is able to outlast all the other guys.

Several members of the Class of 1967 (Steve Waters, Chris Lyons, & John Mitchell) joined us and want to become official members of Our Class-- We said OK!

I hope everybody is resting up for the big bash tonight!

If you have a classmate friend who isn't on the web and hasn't seen the web page, print it out and send it to them!

Do You Know...

Marlene Christian Pendergrass is a Secretary for the Extension Service UGA in Hiawassee, GA...

Linda Creesy freelances for the Orlando Sentinal covering the arts and New Smyrna for the Volusia Bureau. She loves NASCAR, the NBA, Florida football, the LPGA and cats...

Vicki Ake Burch is a Dental Hygienist in Daytona Beach and she enjoys riding her bicycle...

Esther Watson Long is a Secretary at Gary Yoeman's Ford in Daytona and she loves to dance...

Dan Marvel is the Owner of Accident Management Network in Delray Beach and he enjoys reading, football, racing, and collecting shells...

Elaine Hitchcock Sumner is a Secretary for FPL in Sarasota and she enjoys traveling and walking...

Frank Hays owns TechROW Inc., an electronic services company in Boston and he loves golfing and WILD dancing! I can vouch for this... Frank came to the "Reunion That Wasn't" in July. A few locals gathered and we went out and danced the night away!...

Dan Mahoney works in the Titan Missile Program at Cape Canaveral and he still surfs! (Go Dan!)...

Earl Branham is a Computer Technician for the Ford Motor Co. in Atlanta. He enjoys fishing, collecting automobile memorabilia, and putting together model cars...

Deborah Thomas Stack is a Unit Secretary/Monitor Tech in Palm Beach Gardens, FL...

Jim Mallory is a Marketing Rep in the Gas Industry and enjoys fishing, gardening, and sports...

Robbie Wallace works with the Volusia County Beach Patrol and he loves triathalons...

Charlene Davids lives in Kissimmee, FL...

Bill Gallup is General Manager for Southern Express Charter Luxury Motor Coaches in Jacksonvile and enjoys traveling and collecting things...

Kathy Gilmore Fuori Volunteers as the Coordinator for Atlanta's Junior Tennis League and she loves tennis...

Becky Kistner Hodges is Minister of Music at St. Andrews Episcopal Church in Jacksonville. She enjoys disc golfing, horseback riding, fishing, pottery, and music...

Andy Anderson is an Account Manager for a large graphic arts company and handles the accounts for Bon Appetit and Cooking Light. He loves 4 wheeling, fishing and computers...

Betty Yunick Grelicki is an Empty Nester in Longwood, FL., and she does whatever she damn well pleases...

MaryLou Kane McCumber is an RN and lives in Ormond...

Cathy Hubrecht Mooney is a Secretary at the Public Health Dept. in San Antonio and she loves gardening and playing with her 2 grandchildren...

Nancy Gehres works at the Port Orange Library and she enjoys reading and traveling...

Jan Brown Brokaw is a Secretary in Ormond and enjoys crafts, sports, and the theater...

Candy Rose Newton is an RN at the Ocala Heart Institute...

Beth Hollis is a Nurse Manager at Halifax Med Center and she loves golf and tennis...

Molly Tolbert Christman is a Teacher's Asst. in Ormond Beach and Teaches Aerobics. She enjoys walking and horseback riding...

Paul Schadow is a Master Diver in the U.S. Navy, stationed at Pearl Harbor. He enjoys sport diving and fishing...

Jim Norton is an Inventory Planner with Boeing Aerospace in Oklahoma City and enjoys woodworking...

Doyle (Snake) Andress is a Welder in Holly Hill and loves motorcycles, hunting and fishing...

Donna Bolger Rozier is a Florist and enjoys art...

Phyllis Clark Hogan is a Manager at BellSouth in Daytona and loves to read and fish...

Chris Drake is the Director of Creative Services, Nickelodeon Studios Florida, and enjoys photography and vegetable gardening...

Vicki Etheridge Seymour is a Pharmacy Tech at Memorial Hospital in Ormond and she likes reading, yoga, and belly dancing...

Terry (Jeannie) Vick Nordeen is the Traffic Director and Office Manager at WNDB Radio in Daytona...

Merle Harton is a Writer and Educator in Baton Rouge, LA and he enjoys weight training and karate...

Ted Coursen is a Sales Manager in Port Orange and he is a computer buff...

Barbara Hawley Mock is a Secretary in Port Orange and enjoys line dancing and working in the yard...

Colonel Clint Asbury retired from the Air Force this year. He is now working as Division Contracts Manager for Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp. in Centerville, OH. He enjoys golfing...

Melanie Stewart is a Lawyer/Lobbyist in Tumwater, Washington and plays piano in a whore house in her spare time...

Star Odom Hamilton is retired as the President of an International Consulting Firm, is now a Homemaker Extraordinnaire in Seattle, loves yoga, cooking, and being a grandmother...

Dale Hamilton is the owner of Angel Flight, helping patients needing transportation and loves photography and old movies...

Connie Becks Schnebly is an Executive Homemaker and loves spending time with her family...

Susan Harpster Littrell is an Engineer in Ormond Beach, FL...

Dennis Cole is a Professor of Biblical Archaeology, and Chairman of the Division of Biblical Studies in New Orleans and enjoys fishing and golf...

Deborah Thomas Stack is a Monitor Tech/Unit Secretary in Palm Beach Gardens, FL and enjoys cooking, reading and playing with her grandchildren...

John Scott is the CEO of XL Vision in Sebastion, FL and he enjoys fishing...

Ken Richardson is a Vice President at First Union Bank in Daytona and he loves golfing...

Tommy Durrance is a Contractor and owner of Halifax Paving. He still holds several football records at the Univ of FL and is a huge Gator fan...

John Schnebly is the Manager of the Daytona Flea Market and he enjoys horse roping...

Martha Langley Ankeny is a Web Site Developer in Philadelphia, PA. and devotes most of her spare energy to her daughter, Katie (13)...

Charlene Burnsed Irland is Vice President of ICI Homes and lives in Ormond Beach...

Barbara Hawley Mock is a Secretary in the Volusia County School System and enjoys line dancing and working in her yard...

Linda deGrom Meeks is a Service Rep at Bellsouth in Daytona and enjoys bowling, TaeKwonDo and vegetable gardening...

Mary Ellen Rider is a Consumer Health Policy Extension Specialist in Lincoln, NE and loves reading, travel, needlework and spectator sports...

Kathy Mateka is a Property Appraiser in DeLand and enjoys crafts...

Ruth Edwards Warren still lives in Daytona Beach...

Lisa Sutton Weston is a Provisioning Analyst in Clarksburg, WV and enjoys golfing...

Sharon Hutton is a teacher in Ontario, Canada and enjoys walking outdoors...

Patrick Brady is a Professional Engineer in Tallahassee and loves to fix things...

Barbara Brackett is a Homemaker in Daytona Beach and enjoys music and art...

Gil Muller is a BMW Service Consultant in Fort Lauderdale and loves to play racquet ball.

Rudy Poselovic is a Flight Nurse in Oklahoma City, and keeps in shape by running and lifting weights...

Michael Harbour works in Medical Records in Memorial Hospital in Ormond Beach...

Albert Vilanova is a General Contractor in Daytona Beach and loves Tennis...

Steve Williams is an Electrician in Ormond and loves motorcycles...

Jim Davis is an ATC Assistant in Atlantic Beach, Fl and loves golfing...

Cheryl Mosely Mashburn lives in Grovetown, GA and is a Truckdriver...

Charles Calhoun lives in Kenosha, WI and works in Electronic Maintenance...

Dan Biechler is an Engineer in Cocoa, FL and loves woodworking...

Patricia Cash is a Legal Secretary in New Smyrna Beach and enjoys running and volleyball...

Richard Squires works in Sales in Valrico, FL and loves NASCAR and gardening...

Charles Chase is an Architect in Charleston, SC...

Terry Combs lives in Cullowhee, NC...

Marvin Brugone is an Engineer in Altamonte Springs, FL and loves life and fishing...

Beverly Hall Mitchell is a Bank Manager in Ormond Beach and she loves the Gators...

Mrs. Aumiller is still teaching chemistry (at Spruce Creek High) and has added her name to our E-mail list...

Jim Connor is an Insurance Agent in Brandon, FL...

Brenda Kiel McLaughlin lives in Mango, FL, is a Reservation Agent for Continental Airlines, and loves to travel...

Tom Renick is the Beach Director right here in Daytona Beach. He loves golf and swimming...

Terry Hopkins Shroyer is a Recreation Supervisor in Port Orange and loves to do crafts...

Perry Lyle is a Senior Vice President for The Wackenhut Corp. He lives in Jupiter, Fl and loves tennis...

Ramona Lawrence is an Oncology Nurse in Ormond Beach...

Richard Cherry is a Telemarketer in Holly Hill and loves to fish...

Check here frequently for more exclusive intimate details about your classmates!


Our Web Site has had almost 2000 hits--
Can you believe it??

Keep Watching-- New features coming!!

If you want to watch news of the Daytona area, you can look at the following web sites---

Volusia County Beach Report (from our Baywatch Dudes):


Volusia County web site:


or the News Journal web site:


or Channel 2, WESH, NBC Affiliate:


or Channel 9, WFTV, ABC Affiliate:


We have nearly 100 students listed in "BUCS ONLINE"!!!
I hope you guys are all talking to each other!

The "BUCS ONLINE" section is updated with all the e-mail addresses I have to date. Take a look at it and reach out and touch someone in cyberspace! If any of you have e-mail addresses you have not sent me, now is the time!! Thanks! Judy


Be sure to use your maiden name in all correspondence!!!

Friday, November 26, 1998

Party At

471 Airport Rd.
Ormond Beach, FL

Click Here For Maps

Event #1

Event #2

Saturday November 27, 1998

The Main Event

Ormond Lakes Club House

70 Ormond Lakes Blvd.
Ormond Beach, FL

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Judy Mercer

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Reunion Planning and Web Page Committee...

Tommy Durrance

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